Puerta’s Gallery is an art gallery dedicated to creative expression, critical thinking and community engagement. By combining her experience in politics and civics with her love of art, Dorri opened Puerta’s Gallery to serve as a creative outlet for people to learn and engage in policy and politics through art. A democracy can only work when its constituents are informed and active participants. Sound bites from mainstream media and partisan rhetoric can often limit the depth and analysis of good information. Knowing and understanding how to source and evaluate accurate and unbiased information is critical to a successful democracy.

By focusing on political art, Puerta’s Gallery fosters a multidimensional and in-depth approach to evaluating ideas and perspectives through creative expression. From cave paintings to pop art, the visual representations of ideas and information have always been used to communicate culture, ideas and historic events. Puerta’s Gallery looks to use art to encourage and foster an open mind and critical eye toward the ideas we share and the information we consume.

What’s in a Name?

People ask – Why Puerta’s Gallery? Puertas in Spanish means doors. Growing up, friends and family would always call me ”Dor”, short for Dorri. So, in homage to my southwest roots and to simply make it interesting – I wanted to call my gallery “dor’s / door’s” gallery – Puerta’s Gallery.

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